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This is the page to go to if you want to know what's going on with the day-to-day life of the Pioneers. Meetings, Parties, or any kind of gathering -- big or small are also posted here.

    - MANILA. Meeting was held about the coming reunion.
    - DAVAO. Jove got married to Dinah on the 2nd day of the year.
    - MANILA. Nestine's wedding is set on the 19th. For more information, please ask Nestine or Jaime (her fiance).
    - DAVAO. (tentative) We will be having a Christmas outing after December 25. For more details, please contact Cherry, Lucienne or Khrisna.
JUNE '98
    - MANILA. Khrisna transferred to a new place with the help of Lucienne, Carlos, and John V.
    - MANILA. John V. arrived for his PhD in UPD.
MAY '98
    - MANILA. Some of the girls (Cherry, Lucienne, Apple, Khrisna, Yvette, and Sherylyn) and John D. went to Hard Rock.
    - DAVAO. Some of us held a meeting about the foundation. (Nikki, Ryan, Jove, Joey, Winston, Faith, Anna K., Sherylyn)
    - DUMAGUETE. Apple met John V. and he gave Apple a tour of the place.
    - MANILA. Carlos is back (I heard). Start of summer break for the students.
    - MANILA. Cherry, Luciene, Khrisna, and Apple celebrated Apple's birthday at StreetLife.
    - ARIZONA. Carlos left for Arizona for technical training (company sponsored). He will be there for three months (?).
Christmas Break
    - DAVAO. Some of the Pioneers had a get-together-Christmas party in Faith's house. Those who were present were Apple, Lyre, Lucienne, Khrisna, Ana Riza, Cherry, Nikki, Francis, Jove and Dinah, Elson, Rodrigo, Joey, and of course, Faith. Since it was the 29th of December, everyone had to bring P29-worth present for the kris kringle. After the party, the gang went to Calzada, a new night hang-out in Davao.
Second Sem.
    - It's back to school for the students.
School semestral break.
    - DAVAO. There was a small dinner party at the new Regine's Restaurant. It was attended by Ryan, Camillie, Jove and his girlfriend Dinah, Apple, Sherylyn and Darlene. Nikki arrived afterwards.
    - DAVAO. Some Pioneers are planning a trip to Buda at Ryan's place.
YEAR 2000
First GRAND reunion of the Pioneers
    - No date has been set yet. If you have any suggestions, please email us at or post your opinion in our message board.

* If an event (past, present or future) is not yet here, please email the webmaster so it may be added immediately.




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