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History of PSHSMC

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PSHSMC stands for Philippine Science High School - Mindanao Campus. It is also fondly called Pisay-'Danaw or simply Pisay by its alumni and students.
PSHSMC was established on July 8, 1988. In the beginning, the school had no campus to call its own. So, PSHSMC was temporarily housed in the Philippine Coconut Authority's (PCA) compound in Mintal, Davao City. The PCA generously offered some of their classrooms and their dormitory to PSHSMC so that classes could start as early as possible.
Since the PCA compound was not easily accessible from the city. All the students were accommodated in the dormitory.
The school had only 1 director, 6 teachers, 1 nurse, and 52 students when the school year started. The classes had to be accomplished without chairs and blackboards. The cafeteria (with it's 3-member staff), had to serve meals with out chairs and tables. Little by little, the furniture and other supplies began arriving. And the place started to feel like a real school campus.
There was usual school events like the Linggo ng Wika, the United Nations, Science Week, Christmas Party, etc...
In 1989, the second batch of students and teachers were welcomed to the PSHSMC family. With more students to accommodate, all the Davao City scholars were transferred to the CETC dormitory.
In 1990, the third batch arrived. The school still tried to accommodate all the students in the dormitories but after a few months, the Davao City scholars were forced to stop staying in the dorm. Instead, they took the bus to and from school everyday.
By January 1991, PSHSMC finally transferred to its own campus in Sto. Niņo, Mintal, Davao City. It was still a 30-minute ride from the city but is more accessible because it is along the main highway.
The building where the classrooms are located was already finished. But the dormitory was still under construction, so not all the regional scholars could be accommodated. Again, it took some time before everything returned to normal.
By 1991, the school's 4 levels was finally complete. It could be already called a 'whole school', so to speak. The faculty/library building was completed, and the teachers transferred to the faculty room.
Today, the PSHSMC campus is housing 6 buildings -- 2 classroom buildings, 1 faculty/library building, 2 dormitories, 1 cafeteria. Its gymnasium is currently under construction. And its population is now more than 300 (?).

The historical account you've just read above was just snatch from memory. It may contain inaccurate facts and/or imbalance opinion. If you think that's the case, please email the Webmistress immediately for corrections.





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