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Grand Reunion '99

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Any information related to the upcoming reunion is on this page.


Schedule of Activities


Finance - fund-raising, collection, budgeting, accounting

Clint(head), Caloy, Nestine, Caro, Jove

Program - emceeing, games, facilitating, daily/hourly activities

Caloy, Lucienne, Cherry, John V., Allan, Nikki

Info/Publicity - info dessemination, pioneer directory, invitations

Lucienne, Khrisna, Caro, Apple, Rod

Logistics - transport, accommodations, food, water, party place

Jove(head), Dinah, Ryan, Anna K., Nikki, Francis

Souvenir/Back-up - collect and prepare souvenirs, back-up logistics, fill-in the gaps team

Rod(head), John D., Elson

Schedule of Activites
     - coming soon!

If you have any suggestions, please email us at or post your opinion in our message board.




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