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The Pioneers' web site is updated as often as possible. If you want to know which pages have been updated, then you are on the right page. If you want to be informed through email whenever this site has been updated, enter your email address below and then click on the ListBot button. You will be asked to register to ListBot and after that, you can start receiving email from the Webmistress about developments of this web site. Anybody can join!

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OCTOBER 10, 1998
    - Finally, I was able to update the web site. I added two new pages: the "A Day in the Life..." which I'm sure you would enjoy, and the "Photo Album" which everyone has been waiting for. (You have to wait for a few days more, though. Patience... ;) )
    - AND, I have created a survey about the GRAND REUNION of the Pioneers. This is still unofficial so don't get your hopes up nor express outrage. Peace! It's open to your suggestions (like questions and options) and of course, it needs your answers to be effective. If you haven't yet, answer the survey now! Just click your back button to come back to this page.
  - Actually, ALL the pages have been edited here and there. So take your time exploring the whole site.

MARCH 8, 1998
    - PoP WS now has a shorter URL. It's
    - The Songbook page.  I finally got the complete lyrics of the song Through the years.
    - Unforgettable Moments page.  I added a link to the new Sections page. This lists all our class sections from first year to fourth year. The rest of the page is still under construction.
    - The Mailing Center page.  I added another bulletin about virus hoaxes and urban legends.

FEBRUARY 20, 1998
    - I transferred the PoP (Pioneers of Pisay) Web Site to another server.
    - The Site now has a text-only version and a graphics-version. But the graphics version hasn't been transferred to the new server yet. To view the graphics version, go to
    - PoP now has a new guestbook. Please take a moment and sign it. Sign it now! Just click the back button of your browser to return to this page.
    - The Songbook page. Added one more song, I got the lyrics from a Mexican friend.
    - History of PSHSMC page. This is new!
    - All About Us page. This is also new! Know the whereabouts of the Pioneers. Fellow Pioneer, check the list to see if your name is on it.



Page created: August 27, 1997
Last updated: September 26, 1998
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