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Pisay Webring

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What is a Webring?

A webring is a chain of pages linked together that have something in common.  In the case of the Philippine Science High School (Pisay) Webring, all the pages are either created by students, teachers, or alumni of Pisay or about them. The surfer simply uses the webring installed on your page to surf from each Pisay page to the next. Eventually, he will end up where he started in the ring.


  • You must mention in your site that you are currently connected or are an alumni of any Philippine Science High School campus.
  • Your site must NOT contain any profanity,   nudity, or any offending material. We reserve the right to refuse any website inclusion in the ring for any reason.
  • If there are updates to the webrings design or info, you promise to change it ASAP.


Instructions on How to Join

Step 1. Copy this image.  The filename is "pweb1.gif". Please don't change the name unless you know how to edit the HTML code of the webring.


Step 2. Fill out the form below to be added to the queue. (The queue is where prospect sites are stored before being approved and transferred to the webring.)


Step 3. The code for the webring will be emailed to you.  Just cut and paste the code from your email to your web site and proceed to Step 4.

This is how the webring should look like on your page.

You can also copy the code from this page (it's at the bottom) and paste it directly on your page. Just don't forget to change the following parameters:

--yournamehere--   Replace with your name
--yourmailhere--   Replace with your email address
--youridhere--        Replace with your site ID (which will be sent via mail)



Step 4. Once the code has been pasted on your web site, email me so that your site will be removed from the queue and finally added to the ring.

Be sure to include in the message your site ID and URL where your ring box is placed.

I will surf to your site and double check your HTML code.  If all is well, then I will add you to the ring.  You will receive an E-Mail in return confirming that you have been added.



Submit Form

Submit site to the Pisay Webring

Site Title:
Site URL:

Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.


Form for editing your site information

What happens if your URL or E-Mail address changes afer you join?  No problem, you can edit your information right here.

Site ID No:



List of member sites and current queue

List of member sites

Sites currently in the queue

Statistics of the Pisay Webring


Sample HTML fragment code

If you still haven't received your email, cut and paste the code below

<table border="3" cellspacing="1" width="400" cellpadding="0">
<td width="134"><img src="lweb1.gif" WIDTH="134" HEIGHT="59"></td>
<td align="center" width="256"><font size="1">This <a
href=";home">Philippine Science High
School Webring</a><br>
site is owned by <a href="mailto:--yourmailhere--">--yournamehere--</a>. <br>
Want to <a href=";home">Join</a>?</font></td>
<td colspan="2" width="396"><p align="center"><font size="1">[ <a
| <a href=";id=--youridhere--;next">Next</a>
| <a href=";id=--youridhere--;skip">Skip
Next</a> | <a
href=";id=--youridhere--;next5">Next 5
Sites</a> | <a href=";random">Random Site</a>
| <a href=";list">List Sites</a> ] </font></td>